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Profile and pipe frame structures are produced as powder coated, painted or hot-dip galvanised. They are used as a base structure for noise protection casings, as engine mounts or for whole CHP facilities. As a rule, the decision of whether the structure is completed in one piece or bolted together from various pieces is based, in part, on the structural design, on the assembly conditions on-site or the required surface treatment.

The central pipe with apparatus flange is fitted with lateral nozzles placed in regular intervals along the complete length of the pipe. These are used, among other things, as measuring points and must be precisely aligned and calibrated. The pipe is assembled from multiple sections and delivered in one piece. Provided documentation includes inspection certificates of the material and test protocols for the demension inspection, weld seam evaluation ISO 5817, quality level C and surface treatment – pickling.

Venturi nozzles or Venturi tubes are used in pipe systems, in which the rate of air flow must be continually measured and recorded. At the same time the components and the methods used for measuring must be suitable for the demanding industrial marginal conditions and the media with which they come in contact. The diameters used for the reductions, as well as, where the measurements are taken, conform to the diameters where the tubes connect in the system and with the amount of air that needs to be measured.

Cyclones are designed as centrifugal separators and, therefore, also used as filters. The construction is robust and contains no filter media (low-maintenance). The starting medium is blown in via the tangential media inlets. Solids and heavier components are guided downwards by gravity and passed through sluices or caught in dust collecting boxes.

Stainless steel custom design – weighing equipment – as per customer drawing. Very strict hygiene requirements apply in the food industry. These must be kept in mind when designing the construction, especially in regards to cleanability and disinfecting capabilities. An even and smooth surface must be achieved; sometimes a maximum roughness is defined. Inaccessible cavities and pores in the weld seam are absolutely not permitted. Pickled surfaces free of grease and completely sealed packaging round out this offer.

Coatings are used to protect metal surfaces from corrosion or for aesthetic reasons.  Powder coatings are highly professional with regard to their uniform appearance, bonding and pre-treatment capabilities, and short application time. For noise protection enclosures, each individual component is separately and completely powder coated to ensure a guaranteed corrosion-free protection at the joints as well. One-layer coatings at 70 µm or multi-layered coatings can be applied; many RAL colours are available in stock.