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DUCoaT – pipes and ducts with Halar-interior-coating are used in exhaust air facilities where highly aggressive exhaust process air from the machines is released into the atmosphere through the scrubber system. Available standards for pipes, fittings, connecting systems and special components, such as multi-leaf dampers and silencers, are compiled in our planning folder. Upon request we are happy to inspect rectangular systems and special parts, such as scrubbers, tanks and customer drawings to verify that they conform to FM regulations and stability.

In the electroplating technology, parts are dipped in baths for a corrosion-resistant coating, e.g. chrome or gold plated. Aggressive gases and liquids with acidic or alkaline components are used in these electrochemical processes. Conventional exhaust air systems with PPS plastic are replaced with state-of-the-art Halar coated pipe lines. An important advantage is “fire prevention” since our DUCoaT-System boasts a much lower fire load compared to PPS.

Stainless steel pipes for regenerative thermal oxidizer – RTO facilities at Exxon Mobil. The material is certified and PMI-tested (Positive Material Identification) on account of the refinery industries’ extremely rigid requirements for documentation, traceability and inspections. All welding is carried out under welding procedure specifications and qualifications. Non-destructive testing and approvals are done by TÜV, MTL and DEKRA.

The pipe system consists of various divider pipes that connect tanks with different components of the facility – e.g. ventilators, heat exchanger, absorber, catalyser, UV reactor. The challenge here is that the divider pipes have varying degrees of temperature and that the operating status can also fluctuate. The facility is planned by the customer (including choice of material and dimensions). LBF completes the plans by deciding on the thickness of the sheet, the expansion joints, floating bearings, slide bearings, fixed bearings, as well as thermal decoupling.

The stainless steel casing consists of separate chambers with 3 interconnected heat exchanger installations and inspection openings. The apparatus is used in a facility manufacturing aspirin. Smooth interior surfaces are essential to comply with pharmaceutical hygiene requirements. Due to very low-pressures, strength calculations are performed to calculate and ensure the stability of the casing. For verification a pressure and leakage test is conducted during the final inspection.

Welded stainless steel piping for media supply air and exhaust air consists of manifold pipelines and connecting points for the machines. The branched pipes can be fitted with custom or standard flanges. The system is completed with typical accessories, such as flaps, instrument nozzles, drain nozzles, expansion joints, silencers and insulation. For a quote or offer, customers can turn in a parts list with standard parts or an isometric drawing that LBF will optimize for production.