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The exhaust ducts convey process exhaust air polluted by chemicals that can contain, for example, sulphuric, hydrochloric and nitric acids, sodium hydroxide or ammonia. HALAR is a material which can be powder coated and stems from the Teflon family. Compared to most other mediums it is durable, lasting and reliable. We can professionally design, engineer, manufacture and coat any standard shape, round or rectangular, for the air technology sector. Standard procedure for exterior surfaces is full-surface pickling.

FM approval is required for the components, specifically for exhaust air systems, used in microchip facilities worldwide. As of 2001 LBF holds FM approval and is listed as a licensed supplier. The basis of which is a rigorous fire test at the American FM institute – wherein pipes and ducts are tested and certified for fire resistance and smoke emissions. In order to maintain FM approved status FM audits take place twice a year during production to confirm compliancy to manufacturing standards.

Freestanding exhaust air tower consisting of load-bearing rectangular collector ducts with side connecting ports, inspection openings, and above that a duct silencer and an outlet tube. The exhaust air tower was placed behind a filter system and blows the cleaned exhaust air straight up and out at a minimum speed and a requested distance from the structure, thereby quickly mixing the exhaust air with the ambient air.

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